We love having Royalty Cleaning clean our home and office! Their once a month billing cycle makes its so simple for our accounting personnel! I love coming into the office every Monday morning and having the place look sparkling clean! Its lets me focus on the important things like growing my business and keeping up with the bigger tasks while letting them take care of the smaller tasks that I don't have time to do! Plus my home looks great every time they come as well! Thank you Ashleigh, your such a great soul to work with!

Ashley, Park City

As a single parent I need some help keeping our house organized and clean, Royalty Cleaning has helped me do this! You guys Rock!!!!!!!!!

Russell, Heber City

I use Royalty Cleaning on a weekly basis now! I love not having to worry about having my house being presentable for those surprise guests my husband likes to invite over without letting me know! 🙂 Peace of mind at all times! Thank you Royalty Cleaning!

Bidgette, Heber City

I love Royalty Cleaning because of the owners! The owners are great to deal with and it really shows the integrity they have outside of owning a business! I love that I can see them around town and they go out of their way to say hello to me and thank me for using them! Thank you Robbie & Ashleigh!

Briyele, Park City

Robbie and his team are the hardest working and most detailed cleaning team we have ever had. They are light years ahead of our last cleaners.

David, Heber City

Ive had 6 different cleaning companies for my home because I am extremely picky! Royalty Cleaning has far surpassed them all! I get workers who actually enjoy what they do and its shows in their work. This has been a huge factor in why I believe Royalty Cleaning is the best I have had! I love having people clean my home who are delightful to be around and trustworthy enough to not have to babysit to make sure the job is done right the first time!

Mandy, Heber City

Royalty Cleaning gives me my sanity!!! Its impossible to keep my house clean with my littles ones running around! And our active lifestyles multiplies this challenge. Royalty Cleaning has taken such a load off of my shoulders and allowed us to spend more time with our kids! Thank you Royalty Cleaning!!!

Michelle, Park City

Royalty Cleaning has been my go to cleaning company for a little over a year now. Although, I cant use them as much as I would like to(daily), I always get the work ethic and consistency I want. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Bob, Park City